Sydney's Manly Ferry smashed by monstrous waves

Wild weather lashed Sydney Harbour over the weekend - and this ferry worker was lucky to survive after being hit by a wall of water.

Sydney Ferries deckhand Haig Gilchrist captured the moments of impact on camera, and his stunning photos show the power of the sea.

One photo shows a massive tidal wave hammering into the side of the ferry.

Another shows the bow smashing into the water and spraying the outdoor area normally filled with tourists.

"Great day to be working," he wrote in an Instagram comment on the picture.

"It was only for a few hours it went a bit insane. Made it pretty busy with swell and sail boats," he wrote on another stormy photo.

The stunning images have been compared to something from disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow.

"Actual literal nightmare," one person wrote in an Instagram comment.

"Are you for real? This is like out of a movie. Wow! I would be hyperventilating if I was in this ferry," another said.