Texas hunters claim to have found eight-legged piglet

WARNING: This story contains images which may disturb some people.

An American man had a hunt to remember on Tuesday when he bagged himself a pregnant wild hog that was carrying a deformed piglet.

When Jesse Garcia, 21, pulled the piglet out he realised it had eight legs, two bodies and one head.

According to dallasnews.com, Mr Garcia went out on a night hunt despite having work in the morning.

"The people who own the place want the hogs killed," said Mr Garcia.

"It messes with the land and livestock.

"It's hard to want to hunt at night knowing you have work in the morning, but tonight was definitely something not only to remember but to experience as well."

He shared pictures and a video to Facebook, which has been viewed more than four million times.

Mr Garcia says he wanted to save the piglet but wasn't able to.