The bare cheek: Naked man outside window sparks Paris debate

A video of a naked man perched on a ledge outside a Parisian apartment block has become a viral hit - largely because the rationale and identity of the man remains shrouded in mystery.

In the footage, which was originally filmed for Snapchat, the Frenchman can be seen crouched over so that his head is hidden from sight when looking from inside the home.

Many have speculated that the man may have jumped through the window when his partner's lover returned home, and that he was complicit in helping to hide a potential affair.

However, because the video was filmed from a building dozens of metres away, the man's identity cannot be figured out - so there remain no answers on who he is or why he was perched on his rooftop.

"Are you risking your life for someone's wife? It's a very stupid death," wrote Facebook user Naphtal Ngatali, who posted the video.

The footage was put up on Facebook two days ago, and has since garnered more than 2.6 million views.