This is genius: Little Einsteins break world record

A gang of Einsteins have gathered in Toronto to smash the world record for the most impersonators in one place.

In total, 404 young Einsteins converged on Toronto's MaRS Discovery District on Tuesday (local time), the brain child of the Next Einstein initiative which provided the white wigs and moustaches similar to the theoretical physicist's famous hair.

albert einstein toronto guinness world record
There were 100 more Einsteins than last time (Getty)

The previous Guinness World Record was 304 Einsteins set by Black Pine Circle School in California in 2015.

Many of the mostly children in the crowd also donned blazers and bowties.

It marked the start of this year's Next Einstein competition which challenges people to come up with "ideas that make the world a better place".

The German-born scientist, known as the father of modern physics, is perhaps most famous for his theory of relativity and his e=mc2 equation.