Train driver helps Aussie nail wedding proposal

  • 03/03/2017

An Australian man has the driver of his train to thank after a special - and successful - wedding proposal on a busy Melbourne train.

The couple, known only as Hannah and Ryan, met on the Frankston railway line a decade ago - and after several weeks of flirtatious glances, one of them finally asked the other on a date.

They have been together since and on Friday morning, Ryan arranged to ask Hannah to marry him on that very same train - and enlisted some special help from the driver.

The driver can be heard speaking over the intercom as Ryan read a novel and Hannah rests with her eyes closed on the seat next to him.

"A special announcement: this mostly concerns passengers in the middle of the train - specifically carriage four," train driver Sam said.

"We have two of our regular commuters [with us] today, Hannah and Ryan. They met on the train about 10 years ago, they have been madly in love ever since - and today, Ryan has a special question he'd like to ask Hannah."

It was that moment that Ryan dropped down on one knee and asked whether Hannah would consider marrying him, to which she happily agreed.

"We first met on the train almost 10 years ago. I thought 'what a fitting place to pop the question'," Ryan told Australian talkback radio station 3AW.

"She had no idea it was coming - we were just on our way to work [and] the train was pretty packed. I think they were stunned. It's not the usual thing you see on your way to work on a Friday morning.

"I had to wake her up at first with a bit of a kiss. She had absolutely no idea."

Following the proposal, the newly engaged couple decided not to go to work and instead took the train back home.