Transgender woman brutally beaten to death in Brazil

WARNING: This video contains images which may disturb some people.

A transgender woman who was murdered by six men in Brazil was seen wiping blood off her face and begging for her life in a video filmed by the gang.

Forty-two-year-old Dandara dos Santos was dragged from her home, stripped, beaten and thrown in a wheelbarrow before being shot in an alley.

Authorities released video showing the brutal attack in the hopes of tracking down those responsible.

"The footage was first circulated among LGBT groups which helped that process," Police Inspector Damasceno said.

The attack took place in Fortaleza, north eastern Brazil, last month.

In the video Ms dos Santos can be heard pleading for them to spare her life, as they yell homophobic and transphobic slurs at her.

At one point, in Portuguese, they tell her they "will kill the f****t" and laugh.

Six people have been identified since the video began circulating and local police say the investigation is "well advanced".

"The police began circulating the clip and we arrived at the house of two of the people identified but they fled," Insp Damasceno says.

"The investigation is already well advanced and we are going after the killers."

Five people have since been arrested in connection to the crime, including a teenager, according to newspaper Diário do Nordeste.

The Ceará government condemned the murder in a statement and said diversity, tolerance and pluralism are "inalienable pillars of an inclusive and just society".

"The Special Coordinator of Public Policies for the State of Ceará LGBT has among its tasks the execution of service policies and affirmation of gender minorities, as well as the effective contribution to the debate on all issues relating to the LGBT population."

While same-sex marriage has been legal in the country since 2013, LGBT people are still frequently in danger.

In 2016, 343 LGBT people were killed including 144 trans people, according to a survey conducted by the Grupo Gay da Bahia (Gay Group of Bahia).

In 2017, 23 LGBT people had been murdered by the end of January, Pink News reports.