Turkey goes 'straight through' car's windshield

Turkey in a windshield (La Porte County Sheriff's Office)
The turkey's unfortunate end (La Porte County Sheriff's Office)

An American family has escaped largely unharmed after a wild turkey not only smashed into the windshield of their rented car, but right through it.

"I've been a policeman for 31 years and I've never seen something like that," said Capt Michael Kellems, who photographed the bizarre scene.

The accident happened on Tuesday (US time). The Tarabocchia family were on their way to O'Hare International Airport in Chicago when they saw the turkey approach.

"I thought he was gonna clear the roof, but he didn't," driver John Tarabocchia told The Indianapolis Star.

"He went straight through the windshield."

Turkey in a windshield (La Porte County Sheriff's Office)
The turkey didn't immediately die (La Porte County Sheriff's Office)

Despite its predicament, the turkey wasn't immediately killed - it kept bobbing its head.

"I guess he was trying to get himself in or out," said Mr Tarabocchia, adding that turkey would be off the menu this Thanksgiving.