UK mum found out about daughter's death through Facebook

A UK mother is distressed after finding out about her daughter's death in a car crash via Facebook.

Deborah Bryne, 47, was on the social media site when she saw tributes popping up on her 21-year-old daughter Brogan's page.

Posts written to her included "Gone too soon" and "I can't believe the news", The Daily Mail reports.

One of Brogan's friends sent her a private message saying "I'm so sorry," and Ms Bryne asked what had happened.

She was then told her daughter had died in a horrific head-on crash the night before, on May 22, 2016.

Ms Bryne was in shock, and called her ex-husband - Brogan's father.

They discovered the crash happened about 70km away from their Northampton home, and their names weren't in the local police system in Oxfordshire where the crash occurred.

Later that day Oxfordshire Police were able to confirm her daughter's death, and that three others had also been killed in the crash.

Police also said they had knocked at Ms Bryne's door around 5am but she did not answer; other families had found out the news at that time which is how the news made it to Facebook.

An inquest in 2016 found that Sam Jones, 23, Nicoletta Tocco, 25, Sam Kay, 26, and Brogan Warren died when the car Jones was driving crossed the centre line and hit another vehicle.

The exact cause of the crash couldn't be confirmed but it is believed fatigue or driver distraction were the most likely causes.