US driver juggles to prove he's not drunk

A college student in the US was caught on police body cameras proving his sobriety in a unique fashion.

Blayk Puckett was pulled over late on Friday night (local time) in Arkansas for driving under the speed limit and with a taillight out, on his way home from the on-campus library.

He was suspected of driving under the influence and stepped out of the car for a sobriety test.

But it wasn't a regular sobriety test.

"At that point it was really just, hey let's have some fun," Mr Puckett says.

"We're here at midnight, we've got to do something. This is a traffic stop."

He whipped out some props and after handing his phone to an officer to record him, began to juggle.

His skills wouldn't have surprised the officers too much - his license plate reads "JUGGLER".

"You just made my night man, I gotta tell you," one officer told Mr Puckett.

At a time when tensions are high between police and the public in the US, this traffic stop goes a long way to prove stereotypes wrong.

"Though they are serious in nature, it's nice to have those times where you can have fun both as the officer and the person getting stopped," Sergeant Keith McKay said.