US man uses shark to open beer, sparks outrage

An American man has garnered an angry public response after a video emerged of him cracking open a beer using the teeth of a shark that had beached itself.

The video was taken while the man was on spring break, and shows him surrounded by friends who laugh openly when he strikes the can against the shark's mouth.

The video was then sent to an Instagram page called 'Total Frat Move' to be shared to their 1.1 million followers - but not everyone was impressed.

"I have officially lost all hope in the future of human race. Anyone who actually enjoys this page lacks the right amount of brain cells and chromosomes," wrote one user.

Another said: "Seriously? Take a fish out of water and while it is slowly suffocating open a beer on its teeth? I am appalled at the ignorance and childish immaturity of this clip."

Yet another noted that shark teeth are known to be unsanitary.

"I'm just really happy this moron is going to get a wicked bacterial infection," they wrote.

The page has received plenty of criticism for sharing the video, and it's not the only one on the account to depict animal cruelty.

Another video shows a small crab being bashed into the side of a can of beer to open it, presumably killing the crustacean.