US rapper who held gun to toddler's head investigated

Molly Brazy, an 18-year-old American and self-proclaimed rapper, has come under fire after a video posted to Facebook which seems to show her pointing a gun at a toddler.

The video, posted last week, has racked up hundreds of thousands views but also caught the attention of the Detroit Police Department who are investigating.

In the video it shows the toddler throwing something at Brazy, before she reacts.

"Why would you do that?" she says in the video.

Brazy then points a gun at the toddler's head, saying: "You better stop playing."

According to the Daily Mail, Detroit Police have sent the video to cyber experts in the hopes of identifying if the gun is real or not.

Speaking to a radio station following the release of the video, Brazy's manager insists she was only playing with a plastic toy gun not a real one.

Watch the video.