'We don't make mistakes' Trump says, right before making mistake

United States President Donald Trump has gained notoriety for his unapologetic assertiveness, despite much criticism against him.

But being President is an understandably difficult job - the former billionaire businessman has intense media attention, and it's shared online around the world.

On Tuesday Mr Trump was discussing the issue at a press briefing with police.

"It's always live for me, you know unfortunately other guys make a speech and nobody cares, but for me everything's live.

"One mistake and it's no good, but we just can't make mistakes right? So we don't make mistakes."

Then he appeared to make a mistake.

"Go ahead Ken," he said, tapping the arm of the spokesman beside him.

"I'm Chuck Canterbury, the national president Fraternal Order of Police in South Carolina," the man said.

Although it appeared Mr Trump referred to the man by the wrong name, Chuck Canterbury's first name in fact is Kenneth.