Witnesses describe 'horror' of London attack

Those who witnessed the London terror attack are recounting their tales of terror and heroism. 

For those who escaped Westminster Bridge with their lives, terrible memories now remain.  

Five people were killed and many more injured after the suspect drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians, before trying to force his way into Parliament with a knife. 

Details are starting to emerge about who was hit - three were police officers, another three French students and five Korean tourists.

One witness recounted that he saw "two people up in the air" when the driver ploughed into them. 

"There was more people screaming - he wasn't trying to stop that was for certain."

Another described a "scene of horror".

"We looked out the window and we saw dead bodies lying around."

Doctors working nearby rushed to help. One female doctor recounted that she "was just in shock" as she walked past the injured. 

One group of children was on a parliamentary tour as it happened, a lesson they and the rest of the country will not forget.