Wolf-whistling 'wonderful' for 'some girls' - Australian Senator

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts (AAP / file)
One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts (AAP / file)

An Australian politician has argued sexual harassment laws in the country go too far and "some girls" find being wolf-whistled at "wonderful".

Malcolm Roberts made the remarks during an interview on ABC Radio National on Monday night (local time).

The discussion was originally focused on racial harassment laws, which he also dismissed as being unnecessary, when the conversation changed to sexual harassment laws.

The far-right One Nation senator took issue with the laws regarding verbal harassment.

"Is a wolf-whistle harassment? It depends upon the person. Some girls think that that is wonderful, they, you know, they smile. Others are offended," he told host Patricia Karvelas.

Mr Roberts then reiterated he thinks sexual harassment laws go too far, regarding verbal abuse - before admitting he didn't actually know the current laws.

"I haven't seen the sexual harassment laws so I'd need to read them first," he said.

Labor MP Linda Burney wasn't impressed by Mr Roberts' comments, dismissing them in a simple, three-word tweet: "No they don't."

The current law, Australia's Sex Discrimination Act from 1984, specifies sexual harassment as being in circumstances "in which a reasonable person... would have anticipated that the person harassed would be offended, humiliated or intimidated".

Mr Roberts has not yet responded to the backlash from his interview.