Woman takes homeless man in, gives him job


The life of a homeless man has been changed forever after a woman who drove past him every day on the way to work decided to give him a second chance. 

Thirty-two-year-old Victor Hubbard lived on the corner of a street in Houston, Texas for more than three years.


Texan mother Ginger Jones Sprouse then took it upon herself late last year to do something about it.

Ms Sprouse began contacting local organisations in December 2016 to see how they could help but when she was told nobody would, she decided to take a chance, bringing him into her family home and helping him rebuild his life.

"Everybody knew him, knew of him. They said he's not a danger to himself or to anyone and he's not bothering anyone so they couldn't help him," she said.

"It was frustrating to me because this was someone who obviously needed help." 

Ms Sprouse then set up a GoFundMe and Facebook page to raise money towards healthcare, donations and awareness to help Mr Hubbard which has raised more than NZ$37,000.

That Facebook page now has more than 39,000 followers.

"He never asked for any money, he never asked for anything. Sometimes he would refuse [when I would offer]" she said.

"If he'd already eaten that day and you offered him food he'd say "I'm OK, I already ate."

Thanks to her generosity, Mr Hubbard now works at a cooking school, has undergone healthcare checks and still lives with Ms Sprouse full time, instead of sleeping on the streets.


Ms Sprouse says she did what she did because of one thing.

"My goal for him is just to have a normal life - to be stable and happy."