Women twerk over coffin at funeral

In what is either the best funeral send-off ever or a sign of the collapse of civilisation, two women have been filmed twerking over a coffin at a funeral while reggaeton music plays.

The video was posted to Facebook titled "When Brayan dies", and is believed to have been filmed in Venezuela or Colombia.

A woman thrusts her pelvis and gyrates her hips to a song by reggaeton singer Alexio as the crowd cheers.

A middle-aged woman then lifts up the twerker's short skirt to expose her blue underwear. She then rhythmically spanks the dancer's buttocks in time to the music.

She is then joined by another girl in tight-fitting leggings who slides her crotch along the coffin then also shakes her behind.

A bucket of water is then thrown over the pair.

Reception on Facebook has been mixed, with some questioning the appropriateness of twerking over the deceased.

Others comment that since he was a reggaeton fan, this is the way he would have liked his death to be celebrated.