Zero stars for Uber driver who caused petrol station explosion

Uber drivers will try anything these days to get a five-star rating on the global ride-sharing network's app - whether it be lollies in the side door, bottles of soft drink behind the seat or pleasant conversation with drunken passengers after a night out.

But regardless of what this bloke brought to the table, it's unlikely his rating was any anything close to what he was hoping for after he drove straight through a Seattle petrol station's forecourt and caused an explosion with a passenger in the back.

Dramatic footage of the incident caught by CCTV cameras and posted on LiveLeak shows the Nissan 4WD ploughing straight into a petrol pump, which erupts into flames upon impact.

A report from The Mirror suggests the crash was caused when the vehicle mounted the kerb, causing another car to crash into a tree after swerving to avoid contact with the Uber.

The 35-year-old driver and 40-year-old passenger were both hospitalised, and an Uber spokesperson said the driver had been "removed from the app".