Adored three-legged kitten brutally decapitated in attack

Sooty the kitten attacked decapitated dismembered Queensland
Sooty the kitten, seen in happier times (Dawn-Marie Osborne / Facebook)

A Queensland woman is calling for justice after her beloved kitten was cruelly attacked and dismembered.

Sooty, a black kitten with only three legs, had been behaving normally before he disappeared, owner Dawn-Marie Osborne said.

"He was doing his normal thing (meowing at me to go inside) (if only I gave in), but I left him out with our other cats," she wrote on Facebook.

When he didn't turn up to dinner, she reported him as missing to the RSPCA and checked the pound's website.

The next day, she got a call that she needed to go to the police station.

Police say little Sooty had been decapitated, his head tied to the front of a car, before his body was tied to and dragged behind the car.

"I feel like just curling in a ball and crying. But I know this person expects to get away with this and I PROMISE they WON'T," Ms Osborne said.

"Their day will come when they are standing before that judge and I will be there to make sure he/she gets the maximum penalty."

She said when she first got told to contact police, it didn't fully sink in.

"I quickly got dressed, walked outside and stupidly in tears hoping he'd come running, I called Sooty five times. He didn't come."

Local police say the incident was out of character for the area and they're investigating the motive behind the attack.

The RSPCA is also investigating.