Alt-right turns on Trump over Syria strikes

The alt-right has turned on US President Donald Trump after US forces fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles against targets in Syria.

"Trump's base of support is gone if he goes to war with Syria, the same people who betrayed before election will betray him again," wrote Mike Cernovich.

"We don't want war in Syria!! Don't believe the #SyriaHoax, we need to focus on our own country right now. America First," another tweeted.

The missile attack was carried out on Mr Trump's orders following the deadly Syrian chemical attack on civilians on Tuesday.

 It is the first US military action against the Syrian Government in the six-year-old war, and has outraged Mr Trump's far-right supporters.

"I guess Trump wasn't 'Putin's puppet' after all, he was just another deep state/Neo-Con puppet," wrote InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson. "I'm officially OFF the Trump train."

Donald Trump had previously been against military action in Syria, tweeting in 2013:

"President Obama, do not attack Syria. There is no upside and tremendous downside. Save your "powder" for another (and more important) day!"

His policy reversal has been slammed online by right-wing isolationists, who see Mr Trump's change of heart as a betrayal which will trap the US in another Middle Eastern quagmire.

Others believe the chemical weapons attack was a "manufactured event" aimed at dragging the US into war.