America opens first drive-thru marijuana store

Tumbleweed, Colorado (
Tumbleweed, Colorado (

The United States' first drive-thru marijuana shop is set to open in a small Colorado town.

Local marijuana dispensary Tumbleweed decided to cave to requests for marijuana after dark when the car wash across the street went up for sale.

Of course, the shop is scheduled open on April 20, AKA 4/20.

"I didn't set out thinking this would be national news. I didn't have some big epiphany. I just saw a need for our customers," CEO Mark Smith told local media.

The town has a population of 1100 and was struggling economically until a 2015 decision to repeal a ban on marijuana shops.

The picturesque small town of Parachute, Colorado. (
The picturesque small town of Parachute, Colorado. (

Town Manager Stuart MacArthur says the marijuana industry is to thank for a 70 percent growth in sales tax receipts between 2015 and 2017.

In 2016, nearly 30 percent of the town's tax receipts were from marijuana sales. That was a decrease from 2015 sales, as nearby towns began to pick up the business.

The establishment will have to comply with three basic rules: Nobody under 21 is allowed on the premise, even if they are sitting in the car, there must be security and surveillance at the point of sale and no marijuana products can be visible from outside.