Antiques Roadshow expert died after being 'strapped down' by paramedics


An inquest into the death of former TV guest Alice Gibson-Watt has heard of the extreme lengths paramedics went to restrain her during a post-pregnancy panic attack.

Ms Gibson-Watt, 34, died in a London hospital after suffering a severe panic attack in November, 2012.

She was an employee and jewellery expert at Sotheby's and regularly appeared on BBC's television programme Antiques Roadshow.

Her mother, Miranda Phillimore rushed to Ms Gibson-Watt's house as emergency services were putting her into an ambulance.

In her witness statement Ms Phillimore spoke of the concerns she had over the way paramedics were handling Ms Gibson-Watt who was "as wild as a tigeress".

"She was alarmingly strapped down with five people holding her down at the time," Ms Phillimore said.

According to the Guardian, the attack caused Ms Gibson-Watt to hallucinate and become paranoid, her husband Anthony, told the inquest she began to crawl around their bedroom on all fours and shouting her daughter was in danger.

A paramedic who was on the scene that night said Ms Gibson-Watt was struggling with emergency services.

"She was very distressed, she was shouting 'my baby is dead'."

"She was struggling a lot, but they carried her out to the ambulance."

The inquest into her death is set down for three weeks with other emergency services personnel also expected to give evidence.