April the Giraffe finally gives birth

Warning: Video contains footage of a live giraffe birth.

Unlikely internet sensation April the Giraffe has finally given birth.

New York's Animal Adventure Park began live-streaming her pregnancy in February, mistakenly thinking she was due any minute.

About 30 million viewers have been checking for updates ever since. About 1.2 million were watching the livestream when the birth happened.

April's calf stood up for the first time about 45 minutes after being born. More than US$125,000 was raised through a GoFundMe pledge, which will be spent on the animals' care.

"All is well," the zoo posted on Facebook after the birth.

A competition will be held to name the baby - presumably not 'Giraffey McGiraffeface'. 

The live stream has been going for months. It was briefly taken offline in February after YouTube received reports it contained "sexually explicit" content.

"There is a handful of extremists and animal activists that may not agree with us," the zoo said on Facebook.

"They reported our YouTube cam as sexually explicit, containing nude content which made for its removal on YouTube."