Aussie murder victim took bullet to save kids - sister

A Victorian mother has been hailed a hero after it was revealed she ran back into a home containing her enraged, gun-carrying partner in an attempt to give her children more time to escape.

The shooting, which saw 39-year-old Ora Holt killed by the father of her children on Anzac Day, was carried out by 43-year-old Gregory Floyd at their family home in Wangaratta, before he then killed himself.

Brenna Dunne, Ms Holt's sister, told Nine News that leading up to the act that claimed her life, the pair seemed as though their relationship was in a healthy place.

"She seemed happy and they seemed like they were okay, but maybe had a little tiff that all couples have," she said.

But on Anzac Day, Floyd was seen chasing his former partner around with a high-powered rifle and telescopic sight - but she and her kids ran into a neighbour's house before rushing off the block.

Ms Dunne says her sister sacrificed her own life to ensure her children made it out alive.

"The oldest was helping her mum hold the back door to keep the dad from coming inside to hurt them, and then just running for their lives and then their mum telling them just to run," she said.

"The kids have also said once she was out, she kind of went back, and I think that was probably just to give them more time to run."

Fundraising pages have been set up to offer financial support and cover the children's funeral, food and school costs, with one raising more than $14,000 from hundreds of donors before closing.