Taking the rap: Dine-and-dasher blames lousy food

His music isn't as good and the crime he's accused of not nearly as notorious as the real thing, but aspiring Australian rapper "2pec" is still making waves after his dine and dash from a seafood restaurant.

Terry Peck, 33, is accused of doing an expensive runner from Surfers Paradise eatery Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant, racking up a AU$621 bill over several hours before running into the sea to escape staff and police.

Police on jetskis managed to apprehend Peck, who refused to come out of the water.

His unpaid bill included two lobster mornays, 21 oyster shooters and baby octopus which was washed down with half a dozen beers.

But the rapper says it is the restaurant that should be sorry, claiming the food was bad.

He appeared in court on Monday where he was granted bail.

Outside court Peck, who goes by the rap name 2pec - likely modelled on more famous US rapper 2Pac - told media the restaurant was to blame.

"They [the restaurant] should be apologising to me for the shell in the oyster shot, the overpriced food and the lobster was overcooked," Fairfax Media reports.

He then claimed he'd run off because his friend was giving birth on the beach.

Restaurant assistant manager Mark Hunnybun told ABC Peck raised staff suspicions when he continued to order food and drink after arriving at 1pm on Sunday. He ran from the restaurant around 4:45pm.

He also defended the restaurant's food, saying: "We cook our lobsters perfectly here - we pride ourselves on cooking our lobsters perfectly".

Peck faces one count of stealing and two counts of serious assault of a police officer.

On his profile on music sharing site Reverbnation, Peck goes by the rap name 2pec.

He's a seemingly prolific songwriter, with 44 songs uploaded for fans to listen to including 'dont stop loven me [sic]', 'ozi ozi ozi oy oy oy [sic]' and 'thug ballin [sic]'.

He is yet to publish a song related to his latest brush with the law.