Best April Fools' Day pranks from around the world

On Saturday we gathered some of the best April Fools jokes from around the country, but over the last day some absolute zingers have emerged from around the world. 

While the Trade Me 'shakeme' and New World trampolines gave Kiwis some giggles, some of the big names from around the world dealt pranks that got hearts pounding. 


While KFC here pranked people with the proposal of 'sushi' (which people were actually pretty keen on), KFC in the US had a high budget, slick prank for chicken fans to munch on. 

They introduced 'The Bucket', "the first-ever voice-activated delivery and smart dining device from KFC. The finger lickin' future is here."

The link took those sucked in by the finger lickin' goodness to an Amazon page, which listed the bucket as "currently unavailable". 

It supposedly allows users to "order KFC Delivery hands-free with voice control", with dining preferences and fried chicken news available.

Virgin Airlines Australia 

Virgin Airlines announced on Facebook yesterday they were excited to "unleash our new Virgin Australia Canine Crew in a world first initiative". 

They promised that on select flights, "a canine crew member will work alongside our award-winning cabin crew team to offer a range of additional services".

"Congratulations to all pooches who have completed their rigorous training program and officially take to the skies for the first time today."

Commenters took to Facebook to say they wished it was true. 


While we're in the skies, Emirates have come up with an initiate which takes luxury air travel to a whole new meaning. They tweeted some pictures of their new "triple decker commercial aircraft", cleverly named APR001. 

The proposed "world's largest commercial aircraft" included in-air treats like a swimming pool, games room, gym and even a park. That would be a less-painful long-haul flight, that's for sure.


One of the more high-budget April Fools pranks was one from Lexus, which was so sleekly executed you'd be forgiven for thinking it was legit. They debuted the Lexus 'Lane Valet' - "a breakthrough innovation that every driver will appreciate".

The YouTube video promised "to make highways safer, vehicles more efficient, and even other drivers  better", with a new technology that pushed slow drivers into other lanes via a Bluetooth device.  


In one of the more terrifying pranks of the day, the world's most popular porn website Pornhub gave its users a heart attack, by telling them their video preferences were automatically being shared to social media. 

When people clicked on a video on the popular X-rated site, they were greeted with a pop-up message thanking users for perusing Pornhub's content. It told them that it had installed automated social media sharing, so the video they were enjoying would show up on their Facebook page.