Biggest meth seizure in Australian history worth $898m

Australian authorities have seized 803 kilograms of methamphetamine, worth $898 million, which they found in boxes in wooden floorboards.

It's the largest methamphetamine seizure in Australian history. Two men have been charged, while police are looking for two more.

Police say the seize is equivalent to taking 9 million hits of the drug off the streets.

The drugs had come by boat from Asia to a port in Melbourne and were then taken to a warehouse, ABC News reports.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said the drugs were seized in early February after a long investigation into an international drug syndicate, involving intelligence sharing across international borders.

Seventy boxes of floorboards were found in the warehouse, and each floorboard had two kilograms of methamphetamine concealed inside.

A 53-year-old man and a 36-year-old man have been charged with trafficking in a commercial quantity of illegal narcotics.

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville told ABC News more died on Victorian roads with meth in their system than drink-driving.

"This is about trying to reduce the harm, trying to reduce access to this lethal drug - a lethal drug that's causing significant harm right across our community," she said.

Assistant Commissioner Gaughan said there were still drugs getting through the borders, and significant amounts of methamphetamine and other drugs in the country.

"Whilst law enforcement is cooperating very closely to stem the supply, we are doing well to actually seize record seizures. It is a whole-of-community effort we need to be embracing in relation to educating our children and young people, to stop putting these illegal substances into their bodies, which will kill them."