Birthday teen gets snapped over 'ungrateful' response

Jenna Fluegeman
Jenna Fluegeman (Twitter)

A US teenager has been called "ungrateful" after her mother created a custom Snapchat filter to celebrate her birthday.

Jenna Fluegeman first shared the exchange with her mother on her Twitter account.

In it, her mother asks if she saw the custom birthday Snapchat filter she had set up - an area-specific filter which people at Jenna's school could see and use.

But the work went unappreciated, with Jenna replying: "Why would you do that" with an upside-down face.

Her mother fired back asking if she was mad before saying she "just can't do anything right" and she thought her daughter would enjoy the filter.

The screenshots of the text message have generated outrage online by people who said Jenna should've treated her mother better.

"Wow she went out of her way to do something thoughtful? What a terrible mother!" user @Karimtbe tweeted.

Another, @NasMaraj, told Jenna to "be happy she's doing anything at all".

"Learn to be grateful, sweetie," they wrote.

Jenna hit back at the criticism saying she "didn't want that attention from [her] whole school" and that she thanked her mother for the thoughtful gesture.

"People will talk about it either way, If (sic) I wanted the Snapchat filter I was full of myself if I didn't want it I was ungrateful," she said.

"You can't please everyone."