Boy escapes death after falling under Sydney train

  • 11/04/2017

Footage from a Sydney train station shows the moment a young child slipped and fell under a train while trying to board.

The CCTV video has been released to warn adults how easy it is for children to fall between the gaps.

As the boy steps across the opening between the train and the station, he loses his footing. In an instant he is gone, plummeting headfirst under the train towards the cold steel wheels.

The adults with him panic and frantically wave for the train-driver not to move while they desperately pull the child to safety.

The boy escaped without serious injury - but others aren't so lucky.

In 2016, 223 Australian children fell beneath trains at stations - and 81 were injured.

Other video clips show these near-death experiences as other children fall victim to the station gap.

Parents are being warned to watch the gap between the platform and train, and to always hold their child's hand when entering and exiting trains.