Brothel busted by US cops after condoms clog drain

  • 12/04/2017
Austin Texas sewer
A sewer lid in Austln, Texas (Getty)

Hundreds of condoms that clogged a city sewer pipe led police to raid a massage parlour in Texas and arrest two people for prostitution and other crimes.

A real estate agent who had just taken over the property notified police of the problem at Jade Massage Therapy in the Texas capital of Austin and told them that other tenants believed the business was a front for prostitution.

Austin police then launched their probe that culminated in a raid about six weeks later where a woman who co-managed the business "was found in a massage room with a completely nude and uncovered male," a police document read.

"I was like, 'you've got to be kidding me'," Austin police sergeant Kevin Covington told

"It's not the normal tip you would get, or lead you would get on a place committing criminal activity, but it happened, so that helped us out."

Juan Wang and her husband Joseph Emery were arrested on suspicion of managing "a prostitution enterprise that used two or more prostitutes," it said.

No lawyer was listed on the arrest affidavit and the company's phone went to voicemail. Neither person could be immediately reached for comment at phone numbers associated with their names.

Police also discovered more than $60,000 in cash at the woman's home. She and her husband were arrested in March and charged with engaging in organised criminal activity to promote prostitution and money laundering.