Burns to Australian toddler 'will affect his whole life'


A holiday of a lifetime for an Australian family has turned to tragedy after a toddler pulled a kettle of boiling water on himself.

Baby Hunter, who is only 17 months old, was on holiday on the Sunshine Coast with his family when the accident happened on March 26.

His mother, Kerrie Hall, spoke for the first time more than four weeks on from the accident and says she's devastated, and the injuries will change his life forever.

"He learned to walk three or four steps three days before the accident," she told 7 News.

"Before the accident he spoke all the basic words, but now all he could do is grunt.

"For the first four weeks, if a nurse walked into a room, he would start screaming."

Hunter has since undergone four skin grafts to his head, chest, right leg and foot, and the sole of his left foot.

Because of the injuries, Ms Hall says Hunter will need on-going treatment until he stops growing to help minimise skin damage.

"We are hoping it won't affect him too much. When he starts school he might be bullied - with people looking at him differently because of his leg," she said.

"We just need to be positive and [teach him] that he's no different. We're confident Hunter is hoping to have a normal life, as much as possible."