Couple's playground sex acts 'too graphic' for court

Fiona McLeman and Edward Cochrane (Supplied)
Fiona McLeman and Edward Cochrane (Supplied)

A Scottish couple's sexual exploits near a children's playground were so graphic the details had to be stopped from being read in court.

Edward Cochrane, 35, and Fiona McLeman, 30, faced the music on Thursday (local time) following their long and loud encounter around 7:30pm on August 24 which shocked members of the public who came across it.

The pair didn't even stop when police arrived at Ayr's waterfront park, news site Daily Record reports.

The act of passion took place on an outside wall backing onto a playground.

In court, Sheriff Mhairi Mactaggart stopped prosecutor Stephen McLean from divulging the details calling them "too graphic".

Mr McLean said the pair were "totally oblivious" and "still in the act" as police approached them.

McLeman's lawyer Mandy Stewart said her client had "limited recollection" of what happened because she was drunk, but accepted responsibility for her part.

Ms Stewart said the pair weren't in a relationship.

Cochrane's lawyer said her client was also drunk at the time and was "very regretful".

The admitted to committing an act of public indecency and engaging in sexual acts and received a suspended sentence.

They left the court separately, the Daily Record noted.