Detective stops news conference to arrest heckler

A New South Wales man will be regretting the moment he yelled out during a news conference being carried out by a police officer, after it resulted in his arrest.

The news conference was being undertaken by Albury Detective Inspector Winston Woodward on Monday, and he was in the middle of a statement when the man shouted expletives at him.

While almost inaudible on the footage, reports suggest the man had shouted "bullsh*t" at Det Insp Woodward while he was briefing the media on what was thought to be a fatal car crash that'd occurred the previous day.

The man was also carrying a bottle of beer, which is unlikely to have helped his cause - and can be seen having words with the officer, who explains that he's being taken into custody for swearing in public before grabbing him by the collar.

Det Insp Woodward then dragged him into Albury Police Station, the entrance of which was just metres away from where the news conference was being held.

He can be heard yelling "Tim! Tim!" as he enters the station, presumably in an effort to hand him off to another officer so he could return to the conference.