Don't look down: Houston's 'Sky Pool' makes for a terrifying swim

As the Northern Hemisphere heats up heading into summer, more people will be looking to take a cooling dip in the pool - especially in Texas, where temperatures regularly soar above 30degC.

But no matter how much Houston residents crave a refreshing swim, there's one pool that some simply won't have the nerve enter - and that's because it hangs off the top of a 42-storey building.

Footage taken by one foolhardy swimmer shows them taking a few steps forward and suddenly being able to look through the glass-bottomed pool floor atop new apartment complex Market Square Tower.

Dubbed the Sky Pool, it is suspended 152 metres above ground level - less than 70 metres closer to ground than the top viewing deck of Auckland's Sky Tower. It allows swimmers to see cars and people wandering around beneath them.

The pool only protrudes about three metres out from the side of the skyscraper, and the plexiglass holding in the water is 20 centimetres-thick - but for those still unable to stomach the dizzying heights, they're able to visit another pool on the fourth floor.

For those wanting access to the pool, however, it'll cost you - the penthouse costing an eye-watering US$18,715 (NZ$26,880) a month, while the most basic studio alone carries a monthly cost of US$1805 (NZ$2590).