Explosive disarmed in St Petersburg building

  • 06/04/2017
St Petersburg metro explosion Russian police (Reuters)
The city is still reeling after a bomb ripped through a metro (Reuters)

Russian authorities have made safe an explosive device found in a residential building in St Petersburg, the TASS news agency has reported.

A law enforcement source told Reuters that fire engines had turned up at the building in question and that people living in flats on two stairwells had been evacuated.

The city is still reeling after a bomb ripped through the St Petersburg metro on Monday (local time), killing 14 people.

The suspect in the suicide bombing has been described as a "quiet, decent guy" by his neighbours.

Akbarzhon Jalilov had rented an apartment in north-eastern St Petersburg a month before the blast, around 20km from the site of the explosion.

Security officials raided the apartment on Thursday and a witness present during the search said she saw belongings packed into bags and boxes, and household containers with an unidentified powder inside.

The Investigative Committee, the state body leading the investigation, said footage from security cameras near the same building showed Jalilov leaving, carrying a bag and a rucksack.

Reuters / Newshub.