Fatal attraction: Bird strikes man on rollercoaster

It's only days after the opening of Europe's fastest rollercoaster - and it already appears to have claimed its first victim.

The accident happened at Ferrari Land at Portaventura World in Spain, which has the 'Red Force' vertical accelerator. It recreates the G-forces felt by Formula 1 racing drivers by reaching speeds of up to 180km/h in just five seconds.

Footage posted to YouTube shows two rollercoaster junkies enjoying the thrilling ride. The pair cheer and wave their hands in the air.

Suddenly one man get smashed in the face by an unfortunate bird. The bird is stunned, lying motionless across his neck before being brushed off and tumbling away helplessly.

The rider is shocked, his hands and face smeared with what appears to be blood.

It is not known if the bird survived.