Female student in South Carolina kicked out of gym for skimpy outfit


A student in the United States has taken to social media to vent her outrage at being kicked out of a gym for wearing "inappropriate" clothing.

Sarah Villafane says she was working out at the student gym at the College of Charleston in South Carolina when she was approached by staff members to put a different top on.

Ms Villafane was wearing a black singlet with black tights on, something that isn't unusual for women to wear in the gym.

"I didn't bring an extra shirt to the gym," she said in a Facebook post.


"I just said okay and went about my workout, pretty pissed off that they even asked me to change."

But during her workout another staff member also asked to her to put a shirt on. When she challenged the employee she was told she needed a shirt that was "full coverage."

She says she continued working out when the "boss" of the gym came over to again tell her to put a shirt on, but this time warned her she would be asked to leave if she didn't obey.

Ms Villafane says she left confused by the requests.

"I bought this outfit to work out in because it's comfortable. What is the issue?" she said.

The gym later reached out to her, explaining she was kicked out because of "sanitary concerns".

"They told me I need 'more coverage' and nothing more.

"The dress code at the front of the gym simply says 'athletic wear must be worn'. I would say that what I'm wearing (whether you believe it's a sports bra or a crop top) is completely normal and considered athletic wear."

The post to Facebook has been "liked" more than 1200 times and has attracted many comments supporting her and what she was wearing.

The college and gym have yet to comment further on the matter.