Florida snake hunters wrangle monster python

Some snake wranglers have had the catch of their lives after a coming across a five metre long, 65kg python in the Florida Everglades.  

Nick Banos and Leonardo Sanchez, part of a local python elimination program, spotted the snake in the brush on Saturday (local time). 

It quickly bolted into the trees when Mr Sanchez jumped to grab it.

"We had to fight it in those trees to get it out," Mr Banos told CBS News

"This snake can easily take out a 170-pound man."

They said that it took several minutes and both men to gain control of the python. 

"You have to make sure you have it stretched out," Mr Banos said. "Otherwise it's going to be hard to keep control."

The pilot python elimination programme works to protect the Everglades and eliminate snakes from public land.

Mr Banos says the pythons sadly have to be euthanised, which is a hard decision for most snake wranglers.

"I have never had to kill one and have always chosen not to, but we have to look at the bigger picture," he said. 

"The situation has gotten to the point where everything is getting eaten and the pythons keep multiplying.

"We're trying to save as many native species as possible from these invaders."