Funeral abandoned as 'dead' man found in pub

  • 05/04/2017
Missing man Wilson Oluoch found alive in bar
Missing man Wilson Oluoch not dead, but dead drunk. (Kenya Citizen TV)

A funeral was abruptly called off after a man thought dead was spotted drinking at a nearby bar just as mourners arrived.

The grave for Wilson Oluoch had been dug in his home village near Awendo in Migori county, western Kenya, three weeks after he disappeared. 

After a search, a decomposed male body was found in a sugar cane plantation, and his family thought it was Mr Oluoch.

Wilson Oluoch family
Mr Oluoch's relatives and village turned a wake into a celebration at the news. (Kenyan Citizen TV).

But shortly before the funeral the family were told that a man who looked like Mr Oluoch had been seen in a bar in nearby Rongo.

His relatives visited the bar and found motorcycle taxi rider Mr Oluoch there, not dead but dead drunk as he tried to drown his sorrows.