Head over heels: Man proposes during shared yoga pose

A man from Pennsylvania has filmed himself proposing to his girlfriend while they do a shared yoga pose on an idyllic Hawaiian beach at sunset.

Alec Horan, 25, filmed himself proposing to his girlfriend Steph Gardner, 24, in March after six months of planning, according to The Daily Mail.

Mr Horan says the couple, who have been together for two years, often film themselves doing yoga together.

He says his fiancee wasn't suspicious when he started filming at the beach at Oahu, Hawaii.

 "We love setting up the camera to get good yoga shots, it's intimate and a very good way for me and Steph to connect."

He says there's been an emotional reaction from friends and family.

"Because the love there is tangible, a lot of people who watch the video get choked up, but reactions have been extremely positive."