Herd steps in after crocodile attacks elephant calf

An elephant calf in Malawi got a first-hand lesson in survival after a crocodile leapt from the water and grabbed onto its trunk.

The video, shot during a boat safari in the central African nation earlier this month shows a herd of elephants traversing over long grass when they come to the edge of the water.

In a snap, a crocodile can be seen leaping out of the water and closing its powerful jaws on the young animal's trunk.

The calf swings around in an attempt to get the crocodile to release its grip, but the predator manages to hold on. 

As the rest of the herd makes a ruckus, one of the older animals lowers its head and tusks into the grass in an apparent attempt to defend the youngster. The group then backs away from the water's edge.

It is unclear whether either animal lived to survive another day.

The video was posted to the Central African Wilderness Safaris Facebook page, which has run expeditions since the 1980s.