Hero leaps into freezing pond to save dog

Dog is known as man's best friend, but sometimes man returns the favour, as demonstrated by a dog owner in Canada.

The frantic man leaped into a frozen pond near Edmonton, Alberta, to save his pup after he fell through the ice.

Duncan McIver's dramatic rescue of Cosmo the dog was caught on camera by a local TV crew, who were in the area filming a separate story on ice safety.

The duo managed to make it out safely, soaked to the skin and shivering.

Mr McIver said he made the decision to jump into the water in a split second.

"You're not going to let him just die, right?" he said.

"As soon as the ice broke, I went right in. I don't know, I think most people would do the same thing for their dogs."

The two managed to get out before hypothermia set in and became instant stars of that night's news report about the dangers of spring ice.