High school replaces mirrors with signs of positive affirmation

  • 05/04/2017
positive affirmations on signs in bathrooms
The signs replaced the mirrors in the girl's bathrooms at Laguna Hills High (Facebook)

A southern California high school has taken girl power to a new level, taking down the mirrors in the girls' bathrooms and replacing them with signs of positive affirmation. 

Students at Laguna Hills High School made signs with handwritten messages like "You are extraordinary!" and "You're doing better than you think!" then plastered them in the bathrooms.

Sabrina Astle, 17, told ABC News it was her goal for the semester to spread positive messages around the school.

"I wanted to find a way to make a difference through our Kindness Club on campus," she said. "This is why I started making the posters in the first place."

School mum and Girl Scout leader Shannen Lob told Babble she was at the high school for a Girl Scout event when she came across the signs in the bathroom.

She said she was "overcome" by the messages surrounding her. 

"When I walked in and saw all the signs posted I was amazed and overwhelmed and delighted as I really needed it at that moment," she said.

"It's hard to know sometimes if I'm doing a good job as a leader and reading the signs was like, well, a sign that I was doing a good job."