Hospital-bound Perth woman blocked by road rage duo

A woman from Western Australia who was on her way to receive treatment at hospital was delayed after a fight started between two drivers in front of her.

Tracie Perkins filmed the incident on a busy motorway off-ramp, where the driver of a tow truck is seen getting out of his vehicle and trudging angrily to the car behind him.

As he approaches, another man gets out of his hatchback - but before he can get in a tussle, the truck driver pushes his door back on him, trapping him.

Gasps of shock can be heard from Ms Perkins and another occupant of the car as the incident escalates.

After a few pushes, the truck driver starts walking away, but the other man walks towards him and they are seen having words.

According to reports, the truck driver had become enraged because the car owner had thwarted his attempts to overtake by speeding up.

Seven News report that the man later admitted to his wrongdoing.