Hundreds submit designs for Trump's border wall

  • 06/04/2017

Submissions have now closed for design concepts for US President Donald Trump's highly controversial border wall.

They've all taken different approaches, with a huge range of colours, materials, and methods of stopping people crossing the border.

According to the Associated Press more than 200 organisations expressed interest in designing and building the wall.

However, some of the submissions were made in protest and feature walls that allow for the border to be easily crossed.

The proposed wall will stretch more than 3218km along the Mexican-US border, and cost estimates range from $21 billion to $38 billion for the project, NPR  reports.

During his presidential campaign Mr Trump made the wall one of his main policies, and stressed that Mexico would pay for it.

Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto has insisted he will never pay for the wall, and Mr Trump has since asked congress to pay for it.

Finalists for the wall design are expected to be announced by Customs and Border Patrol in June, and they will pass through to the next stage of building a physical prototype.