Janitor rescues newborn after teen mum dumps it in bin

Disturbing CCTV footage has captured the moments before a 15-year-old girl who gave birth to a baby left her newborn in a rubbish bin in her apartment complex.

The woman was seen carrying a shoebox from her own flat into an elevator - and that box was later discovered to be holding her baby, who was bloodied but still breathing.

The cleaner who discovered the baby girl saw just its feet at first, and was convinced it belonged to a doll - but after taking a closer look, discovered it was an infant that was incredibly still alive.

A witness of the incident told south-east China's Southern Metropolis Daily that the child's umbilical cord was still attached, and that it was covered in blood.

It was sent to the Bao'an District People's Hospital immediately, where doctors conducted checks on the child - and they said while it had a somewhat "intact appearance", it had been exposed to very cold temperatures and showed signs of trauma.

CCTV footage from the elevator she travelled in before dumping her child in a rubbish bin show the suspect standing calmly - and even checking her appearance in the mirror.

The woman had been part of the local community throughout her pregnancy, but those who work at a beauty salon with her said they did not realise she was pregnant as they rarely saw her and because "she was fat".

Southern Metropolis Daily  reports that the 15-year-old mother, who had continued on to work after dumping her newborn, has now been located by police and taken into custody.

Reports suggest because the mother is so young, she will not be able to face criminal penalties for her actions. Her parents are now looking after the child.