Jeremy Corbyn wants St Patrick's Day a holiday

St Patrick's Day could become a UK holiday (Getty)
St Patrick's Day could become a UK holiday (Getty)

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has proposed making St Patrick's Day a public holiday, though for many, the prospect of a day off afterwards might be more attractive.

Mr Corbyn's party trails well behind the Conservatives, led by Theresa May. Ms May has called a snap general election for June 8, seeking a mandate ahead of the formal "Brexit" process.

Labour is proposing four new holidays, reports The Independent - as well as March 17 (St Patrick's Day), workers will get March 1 (St David's Day), April 23 (St George's Day) and November 30 (St Andrew's Day) off.

"After seven years of painful austerity, our workers deserve a break, and under a Labour government, they will have the opportunity of four more days off a year," says Mr Corbyn.

"St Andrew's Day is a proud day of celebration in Scotland," says Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale.

"Some workers already get the day off, but Labour would like to see that extended to all workers - not only in Scotland, but across the UK."

The Conservatives responded in a statement, saying the "British economy would be on permanent holiday if Corbyn got near Downing St".

The UK has the fewest number of public holidays of any country in Europe - eight. New Zealand has 10 national holidays, with most Kiwis getting another day off for their regional anniversary.