Kansas City Jimmy John's employee's unnaturally calm response to armed robbery

A staffer at a Missouri fast food joint has been praised for his incredibly composed response to a man pointing a gun at his head and demanding money from the till.

The employee of gourmet sandwich franchise Jimmy John's can be seen retaining his poise despite the offender yelling and pushing the gun just centimetres from his face. The employee takes his time removing his plastic gloves before getting cash out of the register.

The man holding the gun to his face appears perplexed at his calm demeanour, and can be seen in a fluster as he threatens the staffer, in an effort to make him speed up.

However, he continued to take his time, reacting in an unbelievably relaxed way to what ought to have been an incredibly terrifying experience, and the man had to wait to get his hands on the money in the till.

The entire incident was caught on the Kansas City store's high-definition CCTV camera, and after a short time Kansas City Police announced they had apprehended the man.

Some social media users have hypothesised the cashier was aware the offender's gun had jammed when he cocked it, thus was why he was able to retain his composure, but others weren't convinced, taking to the internet to profess their admiration for his subdued response.

One Facebook user said, "He looks like he had a bad day and this robber just added to the misery of it," while another speculated he may be calm because working at Jimmy John's is "worse than being shot".

"Either it's not the first time he's been robbed, or he's thinking, 'I work nights at Jimmy Johns. Do you honestly think a gun in my face is the worst thing going on in my life right now?'" Becky Farmer wrote.