Man accused of assault claims he suffered worst in sadomasochist sex

whips and bondage items for sex
Both are claiming they suffered more during sadomasochist sex sessions (Getty)

A UK man has denied assault claims and alleged he was the real victim in a bizarre stand-off between two bondage enthusiasts in court.

Keiren Batten, who is accused of assault, told a jury at Cambridge Crown Court that he suffered more during sadomasochism sessions with the woman after she blowtorched his penis without consent.

Keiren Batten (Facebook)
Keiren Batten (Facebook)

She also carved her name into his inner thigh with a knife, Batten claimed, requiring explicit images of his banded penis and groin were shown to the court.

The images also apparently show burn marks from the side of a blow torch nozzle seared into his leg, thighs, groin and both on top and underneath his penis, The Daily Mail reports.

Batten, 43, claimed the woman, who he met in UK discount store Home Bargains in 2014 after he was released from prison for assaulting a former girlfriend, was keen to try his sexual practices.

A month later she made a board to restrain him, constructed from plywood and collars from Pet Smart. She also had his prison number tattooed on her lower back

Batten said he likes to play the submissive role in bondage sex sessions, but "did not consent" or "get pleasure" from the sessions with the woman.

"I didn't want her to do it. It was going too far," he told the court.

He told the jury all the burns happened while he was strapped down with collars, belts and chains.

He claimed it was the woman's idea to carve her name into his thigh, while saying 'all the other girls you have been seeing... they are going to see my mark now. You can go back to them slappers. They will see where you have come from'."

Batten has pleaded not guilty to assaulting the 27-year-old in 2014 by allegedly electrocuting her vagina.

He admitted using a rubber spanking paddle on her while she was tied to the bed, but claims it was consensual.