Man fills wife's car with cement after row

  • 11/04/2017

It was supposed to be a bond set in concrete - but now, a Russian couple's marriage appears to be over after a woman's decision to change her name to that of a supermarket.

Her decision prompted her husband to empty the contents of a cement mixer into her car.

Footage of the husband's revenge filmed in St Petersburg shows the man helping a cement truck back up close to his wife's car before directing its chute through the driver's window and giving the signal to unload.

The pair had reportedly been going through a tough period in their relationship, culminating in the wife's recent admission that she had been unfaithful while they'd been married.

However, the woman's surname alteration is believed to be what tipped him over the edge.

The wife made the change in response to a promotional push from a supermarket called Veniy - which ironically means 'loyal' in Russian - which promised to pay customers 50,000 rubles (NZ$1250) to match their company name.

The decision to fill the car with concrete is reportedly because he was aware how much she loved it, and how committed she was to maintaining its cleanliness.