Man forces eel up anus to fix constipation

  • 20/04/2017
The eel was surgically removed from the man's stomach (Guangzhou Daily)

A man in China has inserted a live eel into his anus in the hopes of fixing his constipation, but the extreme measure almost took his life.

The Guangzhou factory worker, named as 49-year-old Mr Liu, rushed to hospital with abdominal pain and a swollen stomach. Doctors soon operated on him and found a 50cm-long eel swimming inside him.

He's the latest in a string of incidents involving men forcing fishy objects into their bowels. One case happened in Auckland, prompting then-3 News reporter David Farrier to get to the bottom of eel breeding in New Zealand, as seen in the video above.

The Guangzhou Daily reported the eel, with a head diameter of 3-5cm, had broken through his intestines and made a mess of his abdominal cavity.

"We asked Mr Liu when we spotted the eel in his stomach, he said the eel went into his anus by mistake. But after the surgery, he told us that he actually put an eel inside his anus himself," Dr Zhao Zhirong told Guangdong Television.

Surgeon removes eel
Surgeons removing the eel (Guangzhou Daily)

Mr Liu told doctors he was trying a folk remedy which said a live eel could relieve constipation.

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The eel in footage from Guangdong Television (Guangdong TV)